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May 2012




News Reports and Resources


Student Debt in America


This report shows that the rapidly increasing national level of student debt in the United States hinges less on increased individual debt levels than on an increasing number of students attending college.

U.S. Population Getting Older
Daily Yonder | READ STORY

Data from the Census Bureau confirms that most U.S. counties are seeing increases in the median age of citizens. This is most true of rural counties, which are becoming progressively "older" than metropolitan areas.

Federal Income Tax Spending
National Priorities | READ STORY

The Tax Day 2012 report, compiled by the National Priorities Project, charts how federal income tax revenue is spent, with 27 cents out of every dollar invested in the military, and only one cent invested in the sciences.

World Clean Energy Investments
Pew Charitable Trusts | READ STORY

This report from Pew Charitable Trusts evaluates investment rates in industries related to the clean energy race, showing that while national and corporate experience in this area continues to oscillate, consumer experience is on the rise.

Walmart Effects on Local Wages
Daily Yonder | READ STORY

This story from the Daily Yonder reflects on a study performed by University of Connecticut economists on the influence employed by Walmart on local wages, particularly in rural areas of the country.

Social Security and Medicare Exhaustion
Off the Charts | READ STORY

This article attempts to clarify some of the data released in the 2012 Social Security and Medicare trustees' report, showing that while "exhaustion" of both funds has been predicted, "exhaustion" does not entail bankruptcy.

Books vs. eBooks
Pew Internet | READ STORY

With one-fifth of the American population reading eBooks in the last year, it would appear that the digital medium has become a substantial contender in the struggle for American readers' time and attention.

New Light on Overpopulation
Smithsonian | READ STORY

The Smithsonian online magazine provides a synopsis of recent work done by the physicist Graham Turner, revisiting and reevaluating predictions concerning overpopulation made in the 1970's.



President's Corner
We still have some scholarships available for the 2012 Rural Community Conference, May 15-16 in Bozeman, MT. Be sure to check out the updated Agenda and Workshop Descriptions and Speaker Bios page.

Also, kudos to our Montana extension educators, Betsy Webb, Barb Andreozzi, and Dan Clark presenting at the upcoming NACDEP Conference in Park City, UT, May 20-23!

-Paul Lachapelle
MACDEP President

Upcoming Events

2012 Symposium on Small Towns and Leadership Chautauqua

June 12-13, 2012
Morris, MN
Sponsor: Center for Small Towns & Bush Foundation

Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences 2012 Annual Meeting

June 21-24, 2012
Santa Clara, CA
Sponsor: Association for Environmental Studies and Sciences

Montana Farm to School Conference

August 16-17, 2012
Bozeman, MT
Sponsor: Montana Team Nutrition

International Economic Development Council

September 30-October 3, 2012
Houston, TX
Sponsor: International Economic Development Council

2012 Communities Collaborating Institute: Innovating Together

October 1-5, 2012
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada
Sponsor: Tamarack

Grants and Awards

Grants to Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Deadline: May 11, 2012
Funder: Cardinal Health Foundation

Innovative Programs to Address Childhood Obesity

Deadline: May 15, 2012
Funder: Safeway Foundation

Farmers Market Promotion Program (FMPP)

Deadline: May 21, 2012
Funder: Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA

Good Neighbor Student Achievement Grants

Deadline: May 31, 2012
Funder: Youth Service America and State Farm

Community Economic Development (CED) Projects

Deadline: June 5, 2012
Funder: Administration for Children and Families

Farm to School Grant Program

Deadline: June 15, 2012
Funder: Food and Nutrition Service, USDA

National/International News

Graduate Unemployment at High

Daily Camera; April 22

Keystone XL Headed Eastward

JournalStar; April 19

Welfare Drug Tests Unproductive

New York Times; April 17

U.S. Highest Clean Energy Investor

Denver Post; April 11

New Unemployment Divide Stats

Daily Yonder; March 28

Montana News

MT Wheat Garners World Attention

Billings Gazette; April 26

Park Service OKs Yellowstone Plans

Billings Gazette; April 25

Ranchers Win $730k for Backfire Damage

Missoulian; April 20

CO2 Injection in Montana

Great Falls Tribune; April 20

Grizzlies Threatened to 2014

Billings Gazette; April 20







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