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May 2013




News Reports and Resources


Growth in the Great Plains
Daily Yonder | READ STORY

The Daily Yonder evaluates data presented in a recent report by the National Agricultural and Rural Development Policy Center, showing that although the Great Plains experienced higher than average unemployment rates prior to the Great Recession, recent trends show an inversion of this, with lower than average unemployment rates in many Great Plains counties.

State of the Air 2013

American Lung Association | READ STORY

State of the Air 2013 presents a number of maps, charts, and graphs showcasing nation-wide research into city-by-city air quality, showing that a number of Montana cities and counties with surprisingly low scores. On the whole, however, the study shows decreasing ozone and particle pollution and increasing air quality in the United States.

Uneven Economic Recovery
Pew Social Trends | READ STORY

The Pew Research Center's inquiry into income and wealth during the 2009-2011 period shows that the wealthiest 7% of the country's earners gained 28% net worth per household, while the lower 93% decreased in the same area by 4%. The report evaluates the data, claiming that uneven improvements across markets may be responsible for the disparate areas of recovery.

Children and Food Availability

This Chart of Note by the USDA's Economic Research Service shows that the number of children living in so-called food deserts--that is, living further than one mile from an affordable food provider--is quite low, affecting less than 10% of children age 17 or younger.

Birth and Death in Rural America
Daily Yonder | READ STORY

Some rural counties now show more than 25% foreign-born populations, signifying a broader increase in immigration to rural areas. Although foreign-born populations in rural and exurban areas still remains lower than in urban or metropolitan areas, the rate of immigration to rural parts of the country has increased considerably since 1990.

Pedestrian Deaths
Atlantic Cities | READ STORY

The Atlantic provides a graph demonstrating the number of motor vehicle-related pedestrian deaths between 2001 and 2010. Over 47,000 pedestrians died from vehicle-related incidents during the period in question; 69% of these casualties were men, and rates are highest among low-income demographics, and people over 75.



President's Corner

We are planning two training events for our new Montana State University Community Foundation Education Program; May 14 in Bozeman and May 30 in Glendive, MT for Extension faculty and select foundation board members. We would like to welcome Rea Lynn Hays as the new Project Director; great to be working with you again, Rea Lynn!

Rea Lynn will also be joined by Cathy Cooney from the Montana Community Foundation for a FREE Webinar sponsored by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development and USDA-Rural Development titled "The Foundation: A Key Player in Rural Development" on May 7 at 10am Mountain Time. Registration is required.

The Local Government Extension Training (LGET) group will host a FREE webinar titled "The Ohio Local Government Leadership Academy" by Joseph Lucente, Ohio State University Extension. More information available at the LGET webinar page.

-Paul Lachapelle
MACDEP President

Upcoming Events

ALIA Institute

June 16-21, 2013
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CA
Sponsor: ALIA

National Rural Assembly 2013

June 23-26, 2013
Washington D. C. Metro Area
Sponsor: National Rural Assembly

Northwest Community Development Institute

July 8-12, 2013
Boise, ID
Sponsor: Idaho Department of Commerce

Central Community Development Institute

July 29-August 2, 2013
Conway, AR
Sponsor: University of Central Arkansas

Midwest Community Development Institute

August 5-8, 2013
Moline, IL
Sponsor: Community Development Institute

Grants and Awards

Flex Rural Veterans Health Access Program

Deadline: May 17, 2013
Funder: Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA)

Strategic Prevention Framework Partnerships for Success (SPF-PFS)

Deadline: May 17, 2013
Funder: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

FY 2013 National Girls Institute

Deadline: May 30, 2013
Funder: Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention

Evidence for the Classroom

Deadline: June 11, 2013
Funder: Spencer Foundation

Fair Housing Initiative Program

Deadline: June 11, 2013
Funder: Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

National/International News

KeystoneXL Delayed Several Months

Edmonton Journal; April 26

Gray Wolves Dropped from Endangered List

Los Angeles Times; April 25

Rio Grande Affected by Drought

New Mexican; April 25

New Community Agriculture Program in Utah

Salt Lake Tribune; April 23

EPA Okayed to Veto Mining Permit

New York Times; April 23

Montana News

Baucus to Retire in 2014

Missoulian; April 28

MT Organization Challenges Fracking Practices

Star Tribune; April 27

Successful Flathead Job Fair

Flathead Beacon; April 24

Early Season Wildfire Held to Four Acres

Helenair; April 24

Gov. Bullock Vetoes Six Bills

Missoulian; April 23







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