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November 2016


News Reports and Resources


Cancer Deaths to Rise 60% by 2030 The Guardian | READ STORY

Two reports have warned of an explosion in cancer deaths among women, with a toll, mainly from breast cancer, of around 5.5 million a year by 2030 – roughly the population of Denmark. This represented a near 60% increase in less than two decades as described by the American Cancer Society (ACS) at the recent World Cancer Congress in Paris.


Cancer Deaths


World's $152 Trillion Debt Pile

Bloomberg | READ STORY

Eight years after the financial crisis, the world is suffering from a debt hangover of unprecedented proportions. Gross debt in the non-financial sector has more than doubled in nominal terms since the turn of the century, reaching $152 trillion last year, and it’s still rising, the International Monetary Fund said.


Debt Pile

We Will Close the Gender Pay Gap...in 170 Years?
Alternet | READ STORY

A new report put out by the World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that it could take 170 years to close the pay gap between men and women. Last year the WEF forecasted that it would take roughly 118 years for women to catch up. This year, they pushed the expected arrival date up to 2186.


Gender Gap


Many Say Citizens Can Influence Government

Pew Research Center | READ STORY

Signs of political discontent are increasingly common in many Western nations, with anti-establishment parties and candidates drawing significant attention and support across the European Union and in the United States. Meanwhile, as previous Pew Research Center surveys have shown, in emerging and developing economies there is widespread dissatisfaction with the way the political system is working.


Influence Government

One in Seven Children Suffer from High Air Pollution


Ultrafine, airborne pollutants, caused primarily by smoke and fumes, can more easily enter and irritate children’s lungs, causing and exacerbating life-threatening disease. Studies show these tiny particles can also cross the blood-brain barrier, which is less resistant in children, causing inflammation, damaging brain tissue, and permanently impairing cognitive development. They even can cross the placental barrier, injuring the developing fetus when the mother is exposed to toxic pollutants.


Air Pollution

Green Tariffs Take Off in the US

World Resources Institute | READ STORY

WRI’s updated issue brief, Emerging Green Tariffs in US Regulated Electricity Markets, shows that as of September 2016, traditional utilities in the United States have created 10 green tariff options, twice the number that existed at the end of 2015. Utilities offering these large-scale renewable energy purchasing programs include some of the country's largest shareholder-owned utilities, like Xcel Energy and Duke Energy. 


Green Tariffs







The MACDEP Annual Business Meeting took place Oct. 26, and I’m happy to announce the election of the 2017 Officers of the Association: Abbie Phillip, President; Jennifer Anderson, Vice-President; Katie Weaver, Secretary; Pat McGlynn, Treasurer who will take office Jan. 1, 2017. It’s been my honor and privilege to serve as your MACDEP President for the last 8 years; thank you for your trust and the opportunity.  I’ll work with Abbie on her transition as your new MACDEP President. 

The Call for Proposals for the 2017 CDS-NACDEP Conference are due Nov. 18. More information is available at our website www.2017CDS-NACDEP.org or via the Community Development Society and National Association for Community Development Extension Professionals websites.

2016 NACDEP Nominations Close on November 9; Don't miss the opportunity to nominate yourself or another NACDEP leader for the 2017-2018 Board of Directors.  Nominations are currently being accepted for President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer and Western Region Representative. More info here.

-Paul Lachapelle
2016 MACDEP President


2017 Association for International Agricultural and Extension Education Conference

April 24-28, 2017

Minneapolis, MN

Sponsor: AIAEE

National Urban Extension Conference 2017

May 8-11, 2017

Bloomington, Minnesota

Sponsor: University of Minnesota

2017 CDS - NACDEP Conference

June 11-14, 2017

Big Sky, MT

Sponsor: CDS / NACDEP


USDA: Community Food Projects Competitive Grant

Deadline: November 30

Funder: Department of Agriculture

NSF: Smart and Connected Communities

Deadline: February 16
Funder: National Science Foundation

HHS: Community Economic Development Healthy Food Financing Initiative Projects

Deadline: April 28
Funder: Department of Health and Human Services

Community Development Regional Specialist

Community Development 
University of Missouri

Professor of Economics

Associate/Assistant Professors
West Virginia University

national news

Hungary Rejects Migrant Abuse

ABC News, November 3

Women with Children Last Out of Migrant Camp

ABC News, November 3

$151M Settlement Tentatively Approved

Fox News, November 3

Gas Prices Rise After Pipeline Blast

CNN, November 3

Unlocking Private Funds for Climate Finance

Devex, November 3

Portland's Proposed Residential Infill Policies

Planetizen, November 3

Haiti's Cholera Epidemic

NY Times, November 3

The New Energy Economy

NY Times, November 3

montana news

Health Insurance Tax

KBZK, November 3

Solar Savings for Gardiner Grocery Store

USDA, November 3

USDA Assists in Expanding Markets for Small Businesses

USDA, November 3

The Trapping Initiative Explained

KULR, November 3

Coats for Kids

KXLF, November 3

Lack of Seat Belt Enforcement Costs Montana

Billings Gazette, November 3

Diversity Forum Underway at the University of Montana

KPAX, November 3

Project Hope Finds New Home

Billings Gazette, November 3


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